Loukoumádes - bite size Greek donuts with honey

Mar 6, 2013


  Loukoumádes are probably the most basic dessert in Greek cuisine. They are made using only flour, water and yeast blended together to create an almost runny dough that is then deep fried in olive oil and served topped with a generous amount of honey dusted with cinnamon.  These sweet fritters have been made in Greece for more than 3000 years exactly the same way except that they didn't have packaged yeast in the old days. Back then they used sour dough. 
     In December in the Peloponnese we celebrate completing olive gathering by making Loukoumádes in family gatherings in order to taste the flavor of the fresh olive oil. Because olive oil abroad  is usually quite expensive, you can use a vegetable oil; it won't affect the flavor dramatically. Loukoumádes are better served immediately after frying to enjoy their crunchy outer skin. 
If you like chocolate you can serve loukoumádes with chocolate syrup.


Serves 4

300gr all purpose flour (or gluten free flour)
300gr luke warm water  
5gr dry yeast
1 Tbsp sugar
½ tsp salt
1Tbsp olive oil

0,5 litre olive or vegetable oil for frying

In a bowl mix all the ingredients of the dough until combined, then cover with a kitchen towel and let stand for half an hour or until doubled in size.
In a sauce pan over medium heat pour the oil and heat it until ready for deep frying.
Carefully with a tea spoon * take spoonfuls of the dough and drop them in the hot oil; turning them until golden all over. Remove the cooked fritters to a plate lined with kitchen paper.
 Fry all of the dough in batches and serve hot with honey and cinnamon.
* If you dip your spoon in water each time before you load it with the batter, the dough won't stick to the spoon.


  1. Oh my...3000 years of great taste.

  2. This recipe looks so easy to make! Btw, I have been going through your previous posts and I have to say that my mouth is watering, everything looks so delicious! I've only had a few Greek dishes, but now I want to try more, thank you for the wonderful website!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog; I'm glad you liked it. I always try to present easy to follow recipes. Hope they'll work for you too.

  3. We say lokma in turkish! I am from other side of the sea from izmir :) nice website komsu:)