Welcome!  - Kalos Orisate !

I’m Panos. I come from Greece and I’d like to share my enthusiasm for Greek cuisine with you.
This is a blog that aspires to initiate you into traditional Greek cuisine as it is still being cooked all over Greece, but also
 to help you discover all those special ingredients locals use in cooking.
It may be a difficult time for Greece, though I believe that
all forms of culture, including food culture, are essential and
independent parts of our lives beyond any economical or political circumstances.
Food has a very important role in my life since my work is to
cook with my mother in our family tavern,  - something we love to do.
I’ll be looking forward to your comments and remarks about
everything presented here.


  1. I came across your blog looking a recipe for ravani on Pinterest. Beautiful photography and recipes!

  2. Yasou Pano!!
    I thank you for your divine Greek recipes...they come alive with your great photography and are accompanied with wonderful detail of culture and tradition...and made with love...long live Greece!!!

  3. Lovely photography and recipes Panos! Well done :)
    Can we use your photos for our social media (of course you will be credited)?

  4. Hi Panos, I am Mônica gastronomy student, from Brazil. This week I am studying Greek cuisine! :) So Thanks to your fabulous work in this blog, it's sooo useful and beautiful. I will use the melópita pie recipe as inspiration! Thank you again! :)

    1. Hi Mônica, I'm glad my blog was helpful in your research, and I hope melópita will give you an A. ;)

  5. Hi Panos,

    I wonder if you could give me some advice on cooking with vine leaves.

    I notice that some recipes say to boil the leaves first for anything up to twenty minutes, whilst others say they can be used straight from the jar of brine that they are packaged in. I tried that once and found the resulting stuffed leaf to be far too salty.

    I found a tip that said to unfurl the leaves in a bowl of water, which was helpful to prevent ripping the leaves, and I guess that would rinse away a lot of the salt also.

    Also, if the rice is only partly cooked before wrapping the vine leaf, will it not split the leaf as it swells whilst cooking and absorbing further water? (and how can it do this if it is already inside the leaf?)

    Could I just cook the rice filling til it's fully cooked and cooled, and simply wrap the leaves then? I guess the leaves would not have a chance to tenderise and absorb flavours that way though...

    Hope you can help me with any/all of my questions.

    Thanks for a great blog intro to Greek cooking!

    Σας ευχαριστούμε!


    1. Hi David,
      I'm glad you like my blog and I understand your stress on making dolmades. I have a post on dolmades where you can find the answer to all your questions about this recipe, (read comments too). If you want further instructions write a comment on the dolmades post. The different thing I can say here is that vine leaves and rice must be cooked together, wrapped, you can't cook rice and vines separately and wrap them before serving, like sushi.
      Thank you

  6. Geia sou Panos,

    katapliktikes Sintages! Mou thimizoune patrida. Thelo na balo pio polla stin selida mas Risotto & more. Ellinika liga mono exo, kai etsi tha kitazo panta edo ama psaxno kati :)

    Xeretismata stin patrida

  7. Geia sou Panos. I found your beautiful blog looking for Pasteli recipes - yours looks great! Where is your actual taberna? Apologies if you say or link somewhere and I'm just not seeing it. Euxaristoume!

    1. Hi Beatrice, my tavern is in Peloponnese. I would like to keep this blog separated from my business until I feel they can work together the way I dream they could. Thank you for commenting.

  8. Hi Panos, I live near Finicounda/Methoni. I'm gathering easy Greek recipes so that I can show off when entertaining, so your site is going to be very useful to me. Thank you, Jan

    1. Hi Jan! I always try to post easy to follow recipes that don't take a lot of time to prepare. I'm happy you like them.

  9. Hi Pano!!! I'm a Greek Canadian living in Greece for 24 years! I was looking for a fanouropita recipe and came across your blog! Love it! From what I've read I see you have a Taverna...would love to try it out some day :) Thanks for the recipe hope to try many more!!