Patzarosaláta - Beetroot, Greek yogurt and walnut salad

Dec 5, 2013

Tsatziki may be an all time classic for Greeks but, when we had guests at home, my mother always thought it was too garlicky for everyone’s taste. Of course you can use less garlic but then it wouldn’t be a tsatziki!
 Beetroot salad (patzarosaláta, παντζάροσαλάτα) is a wonderful alternative side dish.  With just an idea of garlic and an impressive light purple color when mixed, it is ideal for any occasion.  It compliments both vegetable and meat stews, as well as barbecued and oven baked dishes.
Greek yogurt with its thick consistency holds the ingredients in the salad together, giving a silky texture to the final dish. You can use low fat yogurt but since this dish is very healthy and balanced, why not use full fat yogurt to contribute to a rich taste?  Walnuts match really well with the other ingredients and provide a light nutty flavor. 


250gr Greek full fat yogurt
150gr cooked beetroot (a big bulb)
30gr olive oil (2Tbsps)
1 small garlic clove, mashed
50gr roughly chopped walnuts
Salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl dice the beetroot, add salt, pepper, the mashed garlic, walnuts and mix to infuse the flavors. Add yogurt to the beetroot mix and with a spoon; mix just enough to combine.
Don’t over mix, because the yogurt will turn deep purple from the beetroot juice, and the final dish will not look as appealing. In fact, this dish is best constructed just before serving. 

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